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KAG SACCO is a National Sacco with the Head Office in Buru Buru, Nairobi. It has offices in over 46 Districts in Kenya. We are represented by  Sacco agents, District delegates well as Pastors all over the country.

In the first place KAG SACCO is  registered under the Co-operative Societies Act and thus it works according to Kenyan laws. It also started functioning in 2006.Its main goal was providing economical knowledge and skills to pastors and all members of the Kenya Assemblies of God Church.

Apart from that, we also bring together  savings and deposits for members. This makes it easy for them to get loans for development and school fees. As a result people in our KAG community can improve their lifestyles.


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Development Loan

This loan product is available to our members who are interested in all kinds of personal developments e.g. home improvement, plot purchase etc.

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Emergency Loan

This loan product helps in meeting member’s emergency needs e.g. sickness and hospital admission. A member needs to provide supporting document.

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Education Loan

This loan product is aimed at helping our members meet their school fees needs. To qualify, a member needs to provide supporting document.

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